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Harold T. Barrett Fun Forest Camp

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It all started back in the 1970's when the Crown expropriated twenty acres of land from Harold Barrett for what is now known as Pockwock. This is now part of Halifax Regional Municipality's watershed. The remuneration that was offered for this land was an insult to Mr. Barrett who, as a mill owner had a large land holding.

Mr. Barrett supported the Scouting movement because his belief was that if our youth were taught about nature they would respect it. He refused payment for the land, in return he requested a piece of crown land on Beaver Bank Lake that would be for the Boy Scouts. This is how our camp site came into existence. It was called 2nd Beaver Bank Harold Barrett Camp.


The process then started to build a camp on the site and it was used until it was torn down because of safety concerns in 1996.

In or around 1988 - 1989 they started to clear the area and cut a road to the camp, as they had to walk and carry things some distance to the camp.

As the camp came down, plans were of course, underway for the reconstruction of the new and improved 2nd Beaver Bank Harold Barrett Camp. Committees were formed for all the phases of construction, a fund-raising campaign was started and some money was raised. The construction committee put together many different plans with the aid of different planers with different ideas and finally through many meetings with the Group Committee membership they decided on The Plan for the new camp.

After almost four years of being without a camp;enough money, and an new energetic Group Committee, the Camp was started.On Oct. 24, 1999 

2nd Beaver Bank had an official sod turning with our MLA Barry Barnett doing the honors.

The following group of photos show the steps of building our camp up to the present. The Last page shows where we are as of March 10 2000.

GRAND OPENING took place September 16, 2000.

As a group we are still fund raising to support the Scouting program in Beaver Bank. Any assistance will be appreciated.

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