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Cubs stacking fire wood for Ken Margeson

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Scouter to Youth Ratio, Scouts Canada announces new ratio standards to support the team (patrol) system.
New ratio is 1 Scouter to 8 Youth, or 1 per patrol,lodge,six but not less than 2 Scouters.
Section 4008 of BPP
see 4008.2(iii)

Online Registration, for 2016-2017 is now available online.Returning members can login at new members at Join Scouts on

New Name Flash, Designed by our Venturer Company, this new name flash will be issued to all 2nd Beaver Bank members in the 2013-2014 Scouting season. If you want one you will have to join.

2nd Beaver Bank Name Flash

Say Thanks, Thank a Scouter for Outstanding Service.
Click here to thank a Scouter for outstanding service to Scouting or the community. Scouts Canada will evaluate your recommendation and award commendations and medals to deserving Scouters / Scouters in Training.

Scouts Canada launches new Uniform March 25 2011, Cheif Commissioner Steve Kent announces the new Scouts Canada Uniform which is to be available through the Scout Shop September 1 2011.
Members are welcome to contnue to wear their current uniform. New Uniform
Beaver Scout, zipper-up vest   Cub Scout, No Sash the badges are right on your sleeve Scout          Venturer Scout Rover Scout & Leaders

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