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We meet at Our Pond, Beaver Bank Monarch Drive Elementary , each Tuesday at 6:30

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Schedule of Past Activities

Registration for 2015-2016 will take place September 9 2015, 7:00PM at Brown Hall, 351 Beaver Bank Road. You can speed up registration by filling out the Youth Registration Form and bring it along.
Its not too late contact us to find out how to join.

2015 Fall Schedule

2016 Winter Schedule

2016 Spring Schedule

Click on Litle Brown
Beaver to see our Uniform
Click on Little Brown Beaver to see our Uniform

NOTICE : In order to insure the safety of your children. Beavers must be escorted to all events including regular meetings by an adult. Please come in to the school with your Beaver for drop off or pick up. Thank you for your cooperation.

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