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Past Activities

Aug 31 2013, Official closure of 'R' Company. We will need a party of some sort, but wait the planning has already begun to form a Rover Crew so we'll be back as 'R' Crew.

Aug 24 2013, Touring the Cabot Trail. This trip included fun stuff like seeing moose, making sand castles and eating fish & chips.

Aug 22 2013, Sand castles on crescent beach, Lunenburg County.

July 2013, Design a new 2nd Beaver Bank Name Flash. This will be on everyones uniform starting Sep 2013 and be our legacy.
The crest features a familiar image of a beaver, how familier , well think about the 'Friends of the Forest Float' that we put in the Canada Day Parade every year since 1999. Getting more familliar it should this beaver has in one way or another been on that float every year. Coloured by Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts and Leaders. now when I say leader I mean us, that's right we were Beavers and now Venturers and soon to be Rovers and we along with other youth and adult members have been colouring this image year after year.
The beaver proudly rests over the traditional 2nd Beaver Bank name flash, and when worn on your right arm the beaver is looking forward, into the 'future'.

2nd Beaver Bank Name Flash

Jul 1 2013, Complete Float & Participate in Canada Day Parade.

Jun 30 2013, help build Parade Float for Canada Day Parade.

Jun 23 2013, Visit Gilwell, witness & congratulate new Gilwellians Maddie & Eleanor see group news .

Jun 20 2013, Sheldon Cooper headed home after Group Committee Meeting. He looks tired I guess it was stressfull not knowing the protocols

Bobble Head Sheldon

Jun 20 2013, Mechanic training?, well we helped our CG replace wheel hubs on the trailer that will be used in the Canada Day Parade.

Bobble Head Sheldon

Jun 15 2013, Road Trip - Fundy National Park and Saint John to spend too much money at the Scout Shop, including a new Rover Section flag for the next year.

 falls not falling

Jun 1 2013, Rocks near Peggys Cove.

Jun 1 2013, Canoeing on Rocky Lake.

May 28 2013, Assist our GC present Bubbles (Leslie W) with WBI for Colony.

May 25 2013, Assist our GC present Maddie with WBI for Colony.

May 21 2013, With A Colony for river cleanup.

May 18 2013, Geocacheing around Truro, while waiting for the tidal bore which comes at 19:24 or so.

May 18 2013, Shubenacadie Wild Life Park. Rain hail and snow but we had fun.

May 12 2013, Geocaching around Flemming Park.

May 8 2013, Help at Scout tree planting.

May 6 2013, Swim Up / Walk Up.

Apr 27-28 2013, 2nd BB Group Camp, helped with honours & awards and also we ran the clock & horn.

Apr 25 2013, fram 40 certificates to be presented at group camp.

Apr 13 2013, Reward for training, a day at the beach.

Apr 13 2013, Getting all trained up with Wood Badge I for Colony.

keener Big Screen

Apr 1 2013, Picked up a basketball hoop/pole and some ball for the camp.

Mar 22-23 2013, Hanging out at White tail camp, see what we can do to help or hinder

Mar 21 2013, Harlem Globetrotters - we have the IFS skybox for the event but will probably scope out seats in the lower bowel.

Skybox 10E great view

Mar 19 2013, Brown Hall to install new answering machine for the booking people & visit with B Colony.

Mar 19 2013, Back to the camp to keep the heat on. We dont mind the 'rough section' of the road at all.

Mar 18 2013, The camp had a washout on the road , we are here to inspect the dammage and light the stove to keep the pipes from freezing.

moon scape -11 outside

Mar 05 2013, Venturer 'Trucks?' visit A & B Colony Beaver Buggy Races. Jen's dragon is unvailed

 Racing with the beavers

Feb 23 2013, Saturday - Sespenaak Kub Kar Rally at the Springfield Lake Community Centre

Feb 23 2013, Saturday - Queensland Beach....great beach weather!

Feb 19 2013, Tuesday - Tourch Light parade 6:30 Barret Lumber to Brown Hall for hot chocolate , etc

Feb 17 2013, Sunday - Think day service at Church of the Good Shephard 9:30 for 10AM service & Church Parade

Feb 16 2013, Saint John trip to buy scout trucks and some other stuff.
After spending all our hard earned money we went to reversing falls and watch a group of seals feeding and playing. Glad to have that experiance.

Jan 11 2013, Back to Fun Forest to keep it warm.

Jan 10 2013, Peggys Cove to check out the wind & waves.

Jan 8 2013, Snow Shoveling at Fun Forest and heat the place up to keep from freezing.

Dec 9 2012, Help at popcorn sorting.

Dec 8 2012, Hang around the Christmas Tree Lot.

Dec 1 2012, Visit A Colony at Fun Forest camp. Setup projector for movie.

Nov 24 2012, Visit B Colony at Fun Forest camp. Setup projector for movie.

Nov 17-18 2012, Working on Beaver float for the Beaver Bank Parade of Lights.

Nov 17 2012, Halifax Parade of Lights.

Oct 24 2012, We are at Dill's Farm in Windsor for pumpkins

Oct 6 2012, Visit B Pack at Fun Forest camp. Help teach knot tying, setup projector for movie, and more.

Aug 04 2012, Rocky Lake canoe adventure.

Jul 31 2012, In July we found 87 geocaches & hid 4.

Jul 22 2012, We hid 4 cache's for someone else to look for.

Jul 21 2012, Even more Geocaching, its been our theme this summer.

Jen the hard way in as usual Jen the hard way in as usual where is the log book?

Jul 12 2012, Even more Geocaching, not going to record every trip. We are out almost every day

Jul 11 2012, Even more Geocaching, this time around Windsor, we found 18, the last 3 in the dark.

Jul 10 2012, More Geocaching, near the airport found 12, 1 Travel bug, and a swarm of horse flies.

Jul 9 2012, Geocaching in Windsor Junction & Miller lake. Cache #400 found.

Jul 8 2012, Geocaching near Ranbow Haven. Good night time explore.

Jul 6 2012, Geocaching

Jul 1 2012, off to Halifax waterfront to enjoy Canada Day Fireworks.

Jul 1 2012, Complete Float & Participate in Canada Day Parade.

Jun 30 2012, Prepare float for Canada Day Parade.

Jun 21 2012, Geocaching near Peggys Cove, found 8, and 3 travel bugs.

Jen at the 'Top Of The World', see GC

Jun 20 2012, Geocaching in Upper Sackville, found 9.

Jun 14 2012, help at the early registration.

May 27 2012, geocaching near Peggys Cove.

May 24 2012, help at the early registration.

Mar 6 2012, Beaver Buggy Races @ Monarch Drive for A & B Colony. We got to race our trucks.

Feb 25 2012, Peggys Cove during a wind storm.

Feb 25 2012, Moosehead Hockey.

Feb 3 2012, Help with a movie for B Colony at the Beaver Sleepover.

Jan 18 2012, Help invest a new leader at B Colony and also some other presentations.

Jan 18 2012, Help take the big BBQ back to the camp.

Dec 11 2011, Ginger Bread construction.

Ginger Bread Train by Jen Ginger Bread House by Jes

Dec 4 2011, Beaver Bank parade of lights. Watch for our float we will be paddling up the river to visit with the Beavers for Christmas.

Venturer's canoe going up river to the beaver pond (Venturers not on board)         Christmas at the Pond pulled by 2 flying raindeer

Nov 19 2011, Halifax parade of lights, we are just here to watch. Then we will help build the float for our beaver colonies.

Nov 10 2011, help setup & participate in the BBMD rememberance service.

Nov 7 2011, Recruting poster by Jes

Recruting poster by Jes, Good Turn

Oct 28 2011, Visit with B Colony at Fun Forest we setup a projector for a beaver movie.

Oct 29 2011, Apple day. Table setup outside the Brown Hall.

Oct 26 2011, Pick up apples for apple day.

Oct 23 2011, Create and hide 2 geocaches near Fun Forest for camp renters to find.

Oct 19 2011, Help loading & carrying new tables for the Brown Hall, and Fun Forest.

Sep 15 2011, Late evening visit to Peggy's Cove in hopes of observing major wave activity from the passing huricane Maria now headed to Newfoundland. A bit dissapounting, no pictures it was DARK!!

Sep 8 2011, Work around Fun Forest clearing brush from around the gates, and repairs to the bunk room door.

Aug 27 2011, providing a game for the Big Summer Bash with our badminton stuff.

Aug 25 2011, Night GeoCache somewhere in Beaver Bank

Aug 17 2011, Exploring Five Islands, digging clams, enjoy nature

Aug 16 2011, Visit to Magnetic Hill Zoo in Moncton

Aug 11 2011, Visit to Oaklawn Farm Zoo in Aylesford

Aug 6 2011, Visit to the Shubenacadie Wild Life Park

Waiting for ground hog day

Real Wild Life 'DO NOT FEED'  Birds?

Aug 6 2011, Exploring railroad crossing walking bridge in Truro

I hope this is safe

Jul 22 2011, The solar battery was out of the camp for service so we did our part and helped get it off the trailer and back into the camp. Its heavy but no too hard to push around.

May 21 2011, Road trip to visit B Pack camping in Montrose.

May 9 2011, Colony Swim up/ Pack walk up lets all go to welcome new members in out troop. HTB Jr High 6:30

May 7 2011, Hike in Victoria Park Truro, NS.

new bridge to the wishing well Waterfall Catch me if you can
What took you so long slipery when whet leave nothing but foot prints

May 4 2011, Scout Tree planting.

Scout Tree Planting

May 1 2011, Community sign update, post an add for 8th Sackville Fun Day.

Apr 30-May 1 2011, Group Camp, we will be leading a project.

We will be rough'n it Working Hard Still Working Hard Distracting The Kitchen Staff

Apr 19 2011, Bolder climbing at Cow Bay


Apr 16-17 2011, Scout Truck Assembly.

Trucks ready for racing

Apr 14 2011, Road Trip - Saint John, NB off to the Scout Shop on a whimsical journey to get 18 Wheeler kits.

Apr 9-10 2011, Whitetail-Tenderpad camp @ Fun Forest
We helped out with various tasks, Leading games & crafts, building fire, knot tying, and more

Cubs need a totum , here is a creative solution  keep an eye on things
flag Tag

Mar 25 2011, Soldiers Lake Hike

looking back to the damb trail? to get here
do you seriously want to go there trail to next island

Mar 19 2011, help at the Sespenaak Kub Kar Rally.
Build and operate powerpoint to assist the cubs getting lined up and to the tracks. Also helped as starter.

Mar 4 2011, Visit B Colony @ Fun Forest. Setup projector & screen for movies.

Mar 3 2011, Still keep'n the fire burning so the camp doesn't freeze

Feb 28 2011, Thinking Day Campfire. - cancelled

Feb 19-20 2011, Camp at Fun Forest. Another group cancelled leaving the camp unused so we jumped in, and had a great time.
Venturers or Big Beavers? crafts New Plow for the road

Feb 10 2011, Our turn again to keep the fire burning so the camp doesn't freeze.
Some snow shovelling so that the gates can open properly.
Might as well do a good job clearing snow from the entrance and a pathway to the wood shed.

Feb 4 2011, Visit with B Colony at their sleep over, setup projector and sound system for Beaver Movies.

Feb 2 2011, Our turn again to keep the fire burning so the camp doesn't freeze.
Big Snow road not plowed, now that's fun.

Jan 26 2011, Our turn again to keep the fire burning so the camp doesn't freeze.

Jan 25 2011, Help with distribution of Popcorn Crests & Prizes.
Our turn to keep the fire burning so the camp doesn't freeze.

Dec 19 2010, Help with B Colony at the Christmas Tree lot.

Dec 18 2010, Tour the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.

Dec 17 2010, Help at the Scouters Social @ Fun Forest. We were especially helpfull eating the chips.

Nov 27 2010, Help build the float for our beaver colonies.

Nov 26 2010, Help invest 2 Colony leaders for C Colony @ Fun Forest, since we are here we finished up bagging the debris from the renovations. All done.

Nov 20 2010, Halifax parade of lights, we are just here to watch. Then we will help build the float for our beaver colonies.

Nov 16 2010, Beaver Movie Night, what do you need done? we can help.

Nov 13 2010, Night hike to visit the Scouts at the lean-to site to help get those Troop leaders invested. To add to the fun we avoided the trail and came in straight throuth the woods guided by a handy GPS.

Nov 8 2010, Stand the community sign back up after the storm blew it over. Talk about challange that thing is heavy.
Oh and we also searched for missing letters.

Nov 6 2010, 2 night time geocaches found and a trip to Fun Forest to check the bridges for high water.

Nov 4 2010, Assist in Investing new Scout Troop Leaders, well we tried, one of the leader was not available.

Oct 2010, Clean up waste materials from Fun Forest renovations.

Oct 2010, A new Venturer Company is formed. 'R' Copmany.

Sep 2010, 2 former members of 2nd Beaver Bank start talking about forming a Venturer Company. Both were involved as Beavers,Cubs & Scouts and also have worked as activity leaders with A Colony Beavers.

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