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Oct 29 2014, Halloween 2014

Oct 15 2014, 2 Cub Scouts are invested as Keeo in our colony.

Keeo Keeo

Jun 9 2013, Chair painted up for the airport by B Colony.

Airport Chair

Mar 5 2013, Beaver Buggies ready for racing.
Check out all the great beaver Buggies and the cool dragon Venturer Scout Jen built for us.

 B Colony contenders

venturer Trucks venturers Racing with the beavers

Nov 25 2012, Beaver Bank Parade of Lights this is A,B & C Colony on the Christmas at the Pond float.

Christmas at the Pond

Oct 24 2012, Halloween is comming fast perhaps pushed allong by this lot.

Afraid Yet?the whole colony?

May 9 2012, We had some light rain for the Scout trees planting but it did not dampen anyone's spirits.

a bit rain is good fro trees

Feb 14 2012, We had a fabulous tour of the Fire Station.

Jan 18 2012, We welcome and invest Duane as our newest member of our leadership team.

Jan 18 2012, Robert Grove receives Wood Badge I recognition

Oct 27 2011, boo at the camp

Oct 2 2011, Congratulations to Rainbow ( Christene ) and all the other candidates who completed their Wood Badge II at Gilwell 2007.

Apr 18 2011, White Rabit seen bouncing around Beavers

Apr 2011, Fire Hall Visit

Mar 5 2011, lift the roof of winter

Oct 27 2010, Halloween party with A Colony.

May 2010, Beaver Joshua wins 3rd place for his design in the 'Good Deed Design Competition'. Third out of thousands of submissions, now that's something to be proud of.

Feb 5 2010, Beavers having a ripping time decorating flashlights for BP Parade.

October 2009, Wild time at Fun Forest for Halloween camp.

Mar 3 2009, A Colony invited us to the races. Everyone had fun.

Dec 14 2008, We had several Beavers from 3 colonies, a couple of Cubs, 1 Scout & 2 Scouts from 4th Sackville helping out as well for the 3rd Annual Beaver Bank "Christmas Parade of Lights".

Jul 20 2008, Sunshine is withdrawing from B Colony, she has given our Colony a lot, and we will miss her. Keep your eyes open though, Sunshine is still going to be member of 2nd Beaver Bank and I'm sure we will see her from time to time.

Jul 1 2008, Canada Day Parade , we won the "Best Childrens Entry" again that's 3 in a row. Thank you to all participants & spectators.

Dec 9 2007, We had 17 Beavers from 3 colonies & 1 guiding members along for the 2nd Annual Beaver Bank "Christmas Parade of Lights".

Dec 2007, Cristmas Daddies - we were invited on TV to give our penny donation to the Christmas Daddy Charity, and the TV staff was really interested to hear all about this project.

Oct 17 2007, We welcome Rusty (Sean Nicholas) into our leadership team.

July 1 2007, Several Cubs & Beavers & 3 Scouts participate in the Canada Day Parade and we won the award for "Best Childrens Entry", 2nd year in a row, and 3rd time overall.

Apr 25 2007, Viking Ships Build & Sail.

Mar 6 2007, A Colony and B Colony Beaver Buggy Races.

Feb 28 2007, Beaver Buggy building watch out for the paint on your new shirt.

Feb 9 2007, Typical behaviour at a Beaver Sleepover.

Left hand shake demonstration Long day

Feb 2007, Congratulations to Moon Beam(Tanya Lyle-Hanson), Robert Hickey and all the other candidates who completed Wood Badge I.
and Bubbles (JoAnne Grove) for completing WBI for group commitee.

Dec 17 2006, Several Beavers from all 3 Colonies participate in the 1st Annual Beaver Bank "Christmas Parade of Lights".
oh yeh Reindeer realy can fly.

Oct 28 2006, Halloween at the Camp.

Oct 11 2006, Keeo Chantal & Scout Kailey entertain at music night.

Sep 2006, The new Youth Registration form includes fitness certificate & permission. This will reduce the number of forms we ask the parents to sign.

July 1 2006, Several Cubs & Beavers participate in the Canada Day Parade and we won the award for "Best Childrens Entry".

Dec 2004, Yeh a new Beaver Colony is formed. Just like in nature when a colony grows, some of the young beavers leave the pond to start a new colony. B Colony will meet at the Brown Hall Wed evenings.

News from Top, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, New items.

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